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To Serve God Fervently


Be part of our ministries

Our church is built upon various ministries. We serve to bring glory to God. If you are looking forward to serve and be part of us to bring glory to God then here are some ministry lineups just for you.


The choir is a warmth to the soul especially when they start singing. With the timeless hymns being sung with such grace it always enlightens the heart of the worshiper. If you have what it takes to sing beautifully and gracefully then be part of our practices during Saturdays at 5pm in our church!

Sunday School 

If you love children, then this is the place to serve. Our Sunday Schools are during our Sunday services. For parents who are interested to send your kids to our Sunday School please feel free to approach one of our leaders. If you are ready to welcome children as how Jesus did, then don't hesitate, approach us to serve!

Worship Team

Worship, in our church is an important element. It is worship that leads us to be in communion with God throughout the service. A heart of worship is all you need to be part of the team. Come and let your talents be used for the glory of God in a creative and new way!

Sound  &Media Crew

Interested in media, videos or sound production? Come join our crew... do some video editing and direct some short videos to make our church lively. Mix some sound and be on the production team of our church!

Young Adults Fellowship

Our church cherishes and loves the young people. They are the backbone and the future of our church. If you are a young adult, starting off in uni or college, or have started working and who needs friendship, company and most of all fun, then don't hesitate to join us and be part of us!

Altar Servers

If you're interested to serve at the Altar then here's an opportunity for you.Our priest will guide you into the duties that are to be performed. If you are fit for this service unto God, do not hesitate!


Our volunteers comprises the ushers who's smile never dies on Sunday mornings, the ever lovely ladies who arranges the flowers each weekend tirelessly and the uncertified baristas who mixes the aromatic coffee for our congregation. If you'd love to do these, then you're the person we are looking for.

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