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Welcome to Christ Church Melaka

It feels like home!

You are our special guest if you are new here. We would love to know more about you and make you feel belonged here. Check out more stuff below to know more about our church!

Service Time


English Regular Worship

1st & 3rd Sundays | 8.30am

Chinese Regular Worship

Sundays | 10.30am

English Contemporary Worship

2nd & 4th Sundays | 8.30am

English Youth Fellowship

Sundays | 10.45am | Parish Hall

What's On

We have two services alternating between each other over the weekends. The regular worship is a more liturgical and traditionally conserved service. We follow a proper service order as per the Anglican tradition with much conservation like the singing of hymns and the importance of the Holy Communion. Service takes about an hour and half with which is ended with serving of food for fellowship.

The contemporary service takes an altogether different dimension as we maintain the core of liturgical service but with a slight touch of extra music, a time for praise and worship, some exciting videos and sometimes a mini skit. We take time to pray for one another and end with exciting songs with a full band! Service is an hour and half with some light refreshment at the end.

The Sunday School takes place twice a month, concurrently during the regular worship service. With exciting stuffs lined up by our teachers for children aged 7-12, it keeps them excited to come for our church services. It finishes half an hour before the service ends.


Get Connected

You are important to us, hence let us have the privilege to meet and connect with you. Grab one of our "get to know" pack from our ushers during the service! Approach any of our young people during the light refreshments. If you're too shy, chill around and we will find our way to you!


We can’t wait to meet you!


Traffic on a Sunday morning is slow in Melaka town. So, it wouldn't be a hassle to reach on time for the service. But, please do bear in mind, the church area has a very limited parking space fitting not more than 4 cars at a time. Unless, you're an elderly who needs easy access to church it is not a matter to park in front of our church provided there is empty parking spot. Usually, by 10am the area in front of our church is crowded with tourist and Beca's which cause hassle to move out your car out of the area.

You can always head to the back of the church where the Dutch graveyard and old court is; you will find ample of parking space there. If you're late and the parking spots are taken, you can always head to our parish hall further below the Dutch graveyard to enter in our premises and park. Remember to station your car properly as other members would as well park there.

If you're parking by the roadside, remember to park within a parking lot, or else you will earn a parking summon. Weekends are free parking provided that you park within the box!

Parish Hall
Dutch graveyard
Stretch of parking




Yes we do, mainly from Ayer Keroh, Bukit Beruang, Bukit Baru and town area. We will be using our church van which usually leaves from the furthest location at about 7.30am. So if you're getting on it, you should be ready by then and waiting. Being late is intolerable and might cause delay to others. Get in touch with the UTEM students to book a ride!



Usually Sunday mornings are rather very slow paced and, for you to hop on a bus would take hours if you're far from town. You can always book a ride on GRAB to head over to our church. Since our church is a tourist attraction spot, you can easily tell your driver where you're heading and chances are they know our place. You can also walk if you're putting up nearby town, enjoy the morning scenery and breathe in fresh air while the cool breeze still lingers alongside Melaka river.


Well you can always ask any of us in case of an emergency as we are not quite a big church. If you have any questions, inquiries or require assistance, you can always head to our church office for help. Out of church hours, please call +606-2848804.