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Christ Church Melaka

Souvenir Store

The Story

The church souvenir store begin back in the 90's with very limited resources. As the years went on it grew and began to take root as a rather steady income for the church. The revenue from the souvenir store is entirely used for the renovation and maintenance of the church. As the church is more than 260 years of age, it requires a pretty high maintenance.

As a tourist you will enter the church through the side entrance which will take you through the store. Check out interesting stuff displayed in this rather mini store for you to take back home as a memory. We do mostly sell Christian books, posters, wallpaper, magnets, mugs, etc. Besides you can also find local handcrafts, pretty nice postcards and decorative things as well.

We've got some rather good books on sale. For instance, you can find the "History of Christ Church" which was written by the former priest of this church, Dr.S. Batumalai. Besides, we've got some gospel songs on sale as well.

And not to forget, our exclusive Christ Church T-shirt which is selling fast recently. Do check them, hopefully there are some left for you to purchase!

If you're a person who likes collecting coins, then you should check out our signature church coin. You can get it at our coin machine. Just insert in the cash and choose the coin that you like and it will drop within the collecting compartment right below the cash inserting area.

We would like to encourage you to participate in purchasing from our store as this is an initiative to preserve our church for many many more years to come. May God bless you as you bless us!

May God Bless You as You Bless Us..